Thursday, March 27, 2008

This freaky house...continued

Last night I was completely freaked out in our house again. At about 8:45pm I was sitting playing Halo 2. Nathan was sitting right in front of me playing with his cars. Everything was pretty quiet and almost all the lights were off in the house. All of the sudden BOOM!. . . BOOM! The whole house shook and the windows rattled back and forth in unison with the booms. I didn't know what to think. The first thing that I could make my mind accept as logical is someone drove through two walls of our house. Amanda is in town so its reasonable :) So I called Cru and was like are you home? Are you slamming doors or something. He laughs at what I describe to him as one of the scariest things thats happened to me in awhile. I hang up with him and start lookin out the windows for like a tank our a wrecked semi or maybe those tripod things from War Of The Worlds. I see nothing. I think to myself theres no way I'm going out there to find out what it is. I didn't want to be "that guy" and run outside and be like "What the heck is going on out here?" And then have some horrible thing attack me and then I end up on Youtube or Around the Net on Attack of The Show. So I just kept going back and forth to the windows hoping to see something. Finally I calm down and sit on the couch with Nathan to watch some Family Feud. Cru calls as soon as I sit down. He's kinda laughing as he says to me "It was the shuttle." I'm like what? "The shuttle was re-entering the atomosphere." So all this freaking out was caused by the rarely occurring night shuttle landing. Crazy the things your mind can make you think when you don't understand something.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

American Holiday Catastrophe

This year, sort of as a late New Years Resolution, I am gonna spend less money on every holiday. It's not because of the declining market and it's not because I love the people in my life any less. It's because I'm tired of the commercialization of every single last holiday on the calendar. I'm still waiting for them to start marketing 4th of July gifts. It's comin' just you wait. I'm gonna focus more on the important days like anniversaries and birthdays. The rest of the holidays will probably be a card, if that. Sounds selfish, but I believe thats how retailers want us to feel, that we're being selfish if we don't spend a bunch of money on our loved ones. I'm goona bring back the good 'ol acts of love instead of gifts of love.

"That Guy"

One of my key goals in life is to not be "That Guy." The one that everyone hates or stares at or expects to do something. For example, that guy AND that girl are here in the auditorium for jurors today. Blabbity blab as loud as they can on their cell phone. I don't mind people on their cell phones. They have become a necessity in our day to day life. Hell I'm blogging from mine :) But don't involve the whole friggin' room in your conversation. Just because you're talking on your cell phone does not make you any more important than anyone else. We don't care that you went out last night and you're regretting it now that you're up so early. Either talk in a normal tone or hang up.

April Fools

This incridible holiday is fast approaching. Although most people don't even take a second thought about this day, I love it because it's not only one of the days that hasn't just been completely commercialized, but it's also a day to make at least yourself laugh, if not others. This year is gonna be a good one. I usually pick only one person to prank and in the past my ideas have been good but nothing to brag about. This year will be different. I can't put it up here on my blog for classification sake :) but I will definitely have it up on April 2.

Jury Duty

I shoulda brought a book. Today I am reporting for jury duty for the first time in my life. When I lived in Illinois, the way they chose jurors was by people registered to vote. Here in Florida I believe it is any one registered at the DMV. Im not 100% sure on that, but I'm registered to vote here anyways. I'm not complaining whatsoever. I'm just pointing out the fact that I've never experienced this so I didn't know to bring a book or something to do while I wait to be called in. Everything I've ever heard about jury duty was negative. I haven't gotten through the day, but I couldn't be happier to be here. Jury duty is exactly that, a duty as a citizen and I know I will feel that way at the end of all this. Proud. Next time I'll know to bring one of my many programming books I've been trying to get through. I definitely coulda got through one of my books that I never have time to read otherwise.