Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My Little Gamer (MLG)

It took some time to convince myself I should put anything really personal like family on my blog. However, this was just too cute to not tell everyone about. As this blog has shown I am a very faithful Halo fan. Well the other night I was enjoying some Lone Wolves action on my conquest to become a 50 when I got up to get a drink. Our one year old son Nathan climbed up into my chair, sat down, and picked up my controller and started playing Halo 3 for me. That would be so awesome if he became MLG (Major League Gaming) when he grows up. To think he could make $200,000 a year for what I do for fun. He can be whatever he wants, it's just cool to see him pick up something like playing a game before he can even really talk.

1 comment:

Amanda Young said...

Lee, you have the most beautiful baby, what is this MLG?? they make 200,000 a year to do what??