Thursday, November 8, 2007

Big Daddy

I have a lot of things I need to catch up on with my blog, but I had to put this on here cause it was just too funny and gross. Last night, I was eating some of my left over birthday cake. I gave Nathan a tiny tiny bite of it and he walked out of the kitchen. So I'm still standing in there and I could smell this acidy/rank smell. I walk around the counter and look in the living room and Nathan had puked EVERYWHERE. I don't know what caused him to puke because he's not sick. Maybe he gaged on the icing or something. It was like an explosion. It looked just like when the boy on the movie Big Daddy pukes. Since he was covered in it, I picked him and took him to his room to change his diaper and his clothes and to wash him down. After I get him all cleaned up I walk back out into the living room to start the carpet clean up. The puke is gone. So, I yell down the hallway to our roommate Jen and ask "did you clean this up?!" She says "no." I look over and our dog Roxy is licking her chops. She ate all of his puke while I was in the bedroom. Every last bit of it. The carpet looked like nothing had happened.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Better Check His Video Game Collection

I know the media will point to violent video games on this one. Don't get me wrong, I think the high school violence problem is definitely that: a big problem. But, don't blame social and/or parenting problems on video games, movies, or music. I don't pay taxes in my video games, you don't see me avoiding my taxes. What video games were these people playing?

America The Unsocial

I find it funny that in America, it is socially acceptable while someone else is filling up their cup at a soda fountain to:
1. Get ice from the center ice dispenser
2. Get soda from the opposite side of the person originally filling up their cup.
But, it is NOT socially acceptable to get soda from the same side as the original person at the soda fountain. They get all bent out of shape and feel like you're invading their "intimate zone" if your soda cup is next to theirs. As if the soda cup is an extension of their personal zones. Ridiculous.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

System Of A Down lead singer is a genius

Good lord. Serj Tankian is a musical genius. I can't believe how good his music is. He has yet to do any song that isn't simply amazing. His new album Elect The Dead is a must have for me on October 23rd. Although Korn was my favorite band growing up, System Of A Down has to be my all time favorite, simply because I love every single song from beginning to end from all of their CDs. Not one bad song. (hed)p.e. was right up there with them until they came out with Only In America which was absolute crap. If you would like to hear the incredible sounds of Serj listen here.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Oh It's Cruise Time! This Saturday Jenna and I will be taking off from Tampa on a 5 day cruise of the Western Caribbean! We can't wait. It's just pure excitement around our house. We already started packing Sunday night. Our first stop will be Grand Cayman. There, we're just gonna walk around. We didn't really book any excursion. I heard it's expensive there anyways. However, when we get to Calica we're going on Mayan Ruins tour. Neither of us can wait for this. It's gonna be so awesome. I would like to get a picture of the December 21, 2012 prediction if possible. I have heard way too much about this "end of the world" prediction for me not to be skeptical about that year. Anyways, I'll put more about this trip up when we get back.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My Little Gamer (MLG)

It took some time to convince myself I should put anything really personal like family on my blog. However, this was just too cute to not tell everyone about. As this blog has shown I am a very faithful Halo fan. Well the other night I was enjoying some Lone Wolves action on my conquest to become a 50 when I got up to get a drink. Our one year old son Nathan climbed up into my chair, sat down, and picked up my controller and started playing Halo 3 for me. That would be so awesome if he became MLG (Major League Gaming) when he grows up. To think he could make $200,000 a year for what I do for fun. He can be whatever he wants, it's just cool to see him pick up something like playing a game before he can even really talk.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Master Chief owns Spider-Man and Harry Potter

Halo 3 lives up to its hype by generating the most revenue in a single day by any media. Read about it here.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Video Game Binging

Well, the hype has come to judging time. Cru (I'm Good At This), Jessie (Twisted321), and I (Least Deaths) played non-stop from midnight Tuesday until 11p.m. Tuesday night. So since I was up from work on Monday, that puts me at right about 41 hours without sleep. We started off with a couple custom games to explore the new multiplayer maps. After a little bit of that we started 4 player online Co-Op with our friend Kyle. We blew through campaign on normal. It was just walking through the game and watching the story unfold. After that we all played online in multiplayer. The maps are gorgeous. The weapons look fantastic. The gameplay is very smooth. However, all the guns have been dumbed down to basically all the same strength. Bungie was so afraid of people owning online with one weapon that it seems like they took all the power out of every weapon. This HAS to be fixed. If Bungie does not come out with an update to bump some of the weapons power, I will probably stop playing online multiplayer which is like quitting smoking for Halo addicts. Except this isn't like I WANT to quit playing, this is like they took the nicotine out of cigarettes. It's like smoking for looks. Matchmaking is no fun. I couldn't believe it. So disappointed with the one thing that made Halo 2 what it was. I shed a tear for online matchmaking in Halo 3. After the multiplayer cussing and yelling and just pure frustration, Cru and Jessie and I moved on to beat campaign once again, this time on Legendary though. This was definitely not cake walk. It was easier than expected because we were playing 3 person co-op, but it was still hard. Lots and lots of dying and restarting. I will play solo next time on legendary and I'm sure I'll be brought to tears on how hard it is. We also found all of the gold skulls throughout campaign and 2 of the 4 silver skulls. Working on achievements became our priority so we worked on that. I believe I now have 770/1000 achievement points for Halo 3. Pretty good for day of release. Overall, it's an amazing game. If Bungie does not come out with an update for matchmaking, I'll have a better version of Halo 1: phenomenal campaign and decent multiplayer. If they do come out with an update, lord help my addiction.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Wait Is Over

Worth twice as much as I paid for it...just for the game itself.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Halo Eve

Every once in awhile there comes an event that is so big that you cherish the thought of being part of it in any way. Tonight at midnight is one such event for me. Tonight is the release of Halo 3. There have been numerous articles bragging that this will be the media event of a lifetime. No other media has had such a pull, such an utter obsession by people. This game has sold over 3 million copies...and it's not out yet. This game has been part of my life for the past 5 years. From the intense campaign in Halo 1, to the ever addicting multiplayer in Halo 2. This trilogy is honestly the Star Wars of my generation. The following is so large, it should probably be considered a religion. I cannot wait to beat Halo 3 tonight in the first ever 4 player campaign and spend the following years owning in multiplayer. Bungie, Microsoft, thank you for taking me to a world outside my own. Thank you for making me feel like I'm in the game...not playing a game. Thank you for putting such detail and attention into something so that I may enjoy it for years, instead of enjoy it until I beat it. Thank you, for if I get no presents for Christmas this year, I will already have Halo 3. Let the countdown begin.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


On Monday, I bought a 2008 Mazda 3 from Ferman Mazda on Hwy 60. I drove up there Monday night after work looking to get a VIN number to give to my bank so I could see how much I could pre-qualify for. Well, I found the icy blue 3 that I had built online the night before. It had almost all the options I added except it didn't have anti-lock brakes. I couldn't believe it. Isn't it the law yet that a car comes with anti-lock brakes? So, the saleslady and I went to the back of the lot where they had about 100 3's. We walked in and out of almost all of them trying to find the one that had all the options I wanted, and didn't have the ones I didn't want to pay for. I ended up test driving the icy blue one with a sport-tronic automatic. While I was driving it I kinda thought to myself that blue was a little too "cutesy" so when we got back we started looking for different colors. I ended up finding the black one with a manual, power-windows, power-locks, ANTI-LOCK BRAKES, and 16" rims. I loved it. We sat down and did all the paperwork which took forever but we finally came to an agreement and worked out a payment I wanted. After the paperwork ordeal I went out to start cleaning stuff out of my old Grand Am and moving it to the 3. Well, I had a Coca-Cola Zero can in the cup holder which the saleslady said "If you don't mind I'll throw that Coors can away for you." I was speechless. I just grabbed the can and held it up to her. She of course started apologizing right away. Maybe she thought I had the can because my driver's license said I was from Riverview. Who knows. But, she was a great salesperson and I absolutely love everything about my new car. A manual is a whole new world of driving. It's great! I also noticed while sitting at work that from the right angle.....the Coca-Cola can does kinda resemble a Coors can :)