Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bulls On Parade!

Nathan has got rockstar in his blood. The kid is just obsessed with music, well rock music anyway.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hangin' In The W.C.

Last Saturday, Jenna and I went to the W.C. with Josh and Lauren to check out their new movie theater. The Cobb Theater Cinebistro was extremely nice. We will most likely only go to this theater from now on. When you walk in and go up the stairs you're greeted by a hostess just like any restaurant and seated. We ordered our drinks and meals and they take down your movie time so they can try and get everything in before it starts. The food was one of those things where you're like "this is good, but I think they're overcharging me." We didn't order any alcohol but from what I heard the price was jacked way up. We then went into the theatre with our tickets that have assigned seats on them. We were in the upper balcony which is 21 and up because they will serve you alcohol and dinner in the actual theater 30 minutes before the show. You can also go and get alcohol during the movie if you want. The seats were incredible. They're huge leather seats that you could almost fit two people in one. They also have an arm-rest inbetween them that goes up (Jenna and I couldn't get ours to budge) that will basically turn your two seats into a small sofa. On the outside of the pairs of seats are small swivel tables similar to a school desk so that you can put your food and drinks on. I was so impressed with the theater itself, it was hard to enjoy the movie as a movie. We saw Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist which was great. It was comparable to one of Michael Cera's other films Juno. Hilarious dry humor, but a great story to go along with it. If you get a chance, I highly recommend the Cinebistro experience and I will definitely drive the extra 15 miles to avoid the nightmares of the Brandon theater parking lot.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Got A Fever

Well, in actuality I have a head cold. But I do have Rays fever and the only cure is more Rays' cowbell. I have been watching this team for a couple months now since they're the only ones on TV down here anyways. Well, they have got quite the squad. I have been impressed on a daily basis with their skills in pretty much every department. It's amazing how far being great at the fundamentals of baseball will get you. I mean when almost every game has someone trying to bunt with nobody on, my (Ray's) hats off to them. We were out in St. Pete on Saturday and ended up going to the game. Man, what a great decision to go to this. I thought they were going to clinch the night before and Saturday they would be all hung over from celebrating. Well, they didn't clinch their playoff spot so Saturday was one of the most exciting events I've ever been to. If we would have been one of the first 10,000 fans in the door we would have got a Troy Percival figurine, but we weren't. However, since the Rays had a good chance of clinching that night, they were handing out the Rays' cowbell. We got our bells and took our seats on the third-base line. The seats were amazing to say the least. We had so much fun and our hands are still calloused from clapping so hard. Even though I know I have a head cold, I think part of the problem with my throat might be from yelling so much and so loud at the game. If you haven't caught Rays fever yet, just watch some of their games. Each play, each at bat, each decision is exactly how it should be executed and that makes them an enjoyable spectacle to behold.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tastes Great and Less Filling

>No seriously, tastes great, and less filling. Bud Light Lime is amazing. I had it when it first came out for Cinco De Mayo but I'm just getting around to blogging about it. Please, if you like beer, try this. It's so friggin good. I stopped drinking Bud Light awhile back because it used to fill me up really quick. Not this one. Everyone drinking this has told me, this is their new choice in beer. I wish I could become a salesperson for this. It would be too easy to become salesperson of the year for Anheuser. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Gas Hoggens

Due to the increased price in gas these days, I am forced to raise the price of Bloggen-Dazs. I think it's ridiculous that EVERYBODY is raising the price of everything and blaming it on gas prices. Yeah I'm sure there are more costs for some things, but I guarantee that most of the price hikes blamed on gas prices are more of a scam than anything.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


This weekend Josh, Lauren, Jenna, and I went to Aquatica in Orlando. Although they need a lot of improvements to make the park great, we had a blast. When we first arrived the traffic getting in was just awful. There is one lane in all directions getting into the park. We were in the one right-hand-turn lane and it took us about 45 minutes to get in. The parking lot was already in overflow by time we got there which was like 10:45am. Even though we didn't get preferred parking it was not all that bad. It was a very short walk to the park. We had print outs to get our new season passes so the line at the kiosk was very quick. The other line was ridiculous. Once we got into the park we wanted to get a locker but the line for the first section of lockers made us want to turn around and leave it was so bad. So we got a map to find another section and walked to the back of the park. We stopped by the back lockers to get some food at the Mango Market. The food there was like airport prices, just absurd. But they did have Bud Light Lime which made it all seem a little better. That beer is delicious. The food was ok, not really anything to brag about. After that we headed to the lockers and there wasn't a single key in any of the doors so we figured they were all sold out. We turn around to head back to the front to go to a different section of lockers. As we were walking we went by the original section and the line had died down. We get in line and come to find out there's a desk you have to buy your key at. So we bought our key which was 8 friggin dollars and began searching for our door. After much searching by both couples we find out that you have to walk to the other lockers throughout the park. What a pain. So we're finally ready to go on a ride. We're close to the Dolphin Plunge so we get in line. Omg what a nightmare. It took us about two hours to get through the line. This ride is a definite pass. Do not waste your time. If you do want to rough it out cause you don't believe me, there is a section of the line where you're gonna think "Someone in front of me puked and/or crapped in their swimsuit." That's not the case. There's a large fish tank below one of the bridges that is part of the Loggerhead Lane lazy river that needs to be removed for sure. You will see the dolphins while in line that look strangely like shamoos. We were calling them sholphins the whole time. Once you go down the slide the part you waited for this entire time, seeing the dolphins while going down the slide, will not happen. It's not that they're not there cause I'm sure they were, it's that the slide is angled such during that part that you get a fire-hose like spray of water to the face so you can't see anything no matter how hard you try. All four of us had the same thing happen so it's not just me saying this. Since we were so incredibly thirsty after standing in that line for so long we stopped and I grabbed a water and everyone else grabbed a beer. Then we headed over to the Whanau Way where you grab either an individual or double inner tube and ride it down a twisting water slide. We figured we were in for another long wait so we got in line. Nope, only took maybe 10 minutes so of course Lauren and Jenna weren't done with their beers yet. They both handed them to me to finish off, which was not a good idea cause I now had a full bottle of water and about a full beer sittin' in my stomach. It didn't end how I thought it was going to but my stomach definitely hurt. So up at the top another planning mishap by Anheuser is that there are no trash cans at the top, and we obviously couldn't go down the slide with our beer bottles. So we look around and sure enough there is a pile of bottles in the corner that we added ours to. Jenna and I get on our double inner tube and start down the slide. We notice a pattern forming. Pitch black tunnels in the beginning which you think would be fun but they're more of a nuisance because you don't know which way to lean in the tunnel. We come out the bottom to two large jumps which were fun. But then we hit the water. The front end of the tube goes down into the water and so does Jenna. I did not. I'm still up on the slide for a split second longer so Jenna is slowed down by the water and I come flying into the back of her head and flip and twist like a train wreck at sea. Jenna loses her sunglasses and starts lookin for them when she comes up. The life guard starts yelling at her to "Get Out Of The Water!" She does but tells her she lost her sunglasses. The lady is really rude and basically says "oh well." We stand there and wait for another life guard to come over. He tells us that were gonna have to go to the main gate and file a report. We move on and decide we will file the report as we are leaving the park. We go to the Loggerhead Lane lazy river and grab a double inner tube per couple and go around a couple times. Lazy rivers are always enjoyable. We then head over to the Walhalla Wave and HooRoo Run ride. The line took about 30 minutes which wasn't too bad. We get to the top and we're all on the HooRoo Run side which is a straight slide that has a few jumps in it. We all four wanted to get on one tube and the guy told us "No." So, we looked over to the other side where Walhalla Wave was and saw four people getting on one tube. We asked if we could just cut over and he said that was fine. So, we hop the line and all get in one raft. We start down the slide and guess what? Another pitch black tube where we have no idea what's going on. But unlike before where we were just annoyed that we didn't know which way to lean, it has now become a threat on our life. As the raft speeds down the tube and comes to the very sharp turns, it slides almost completely up the side of the wall. Josh and I are opposite each other, and Jenna and Lauren are opposite each other. Lauren is screaming bloody murder because she can feel how high up the side we are going. I have my hand up in front of me trying to block Josh or any other body that may come crashing into me at any moment. We were all terrified that someone's head was gonna come crashing into our own while not knowing from where because it was so dark. We come out of the darkness and there are still very sharp turns. I'm not sure being in the light was any better because you then see just how far up the side of the wall you're going and think to yourself "this thing is going to flip and it's gonna be a blood bath." Some how we made it to the bottom safely. We're all yelling at the life-guard "we almost died, that was horrible." He laughs. He thought we were just being over-reactive, but that was definitely a terrible experience. I highly suggest only 2 people on this ride. We didn't take a chance at the HooRoo Run because it was supposed to be even faster than this ride. Jenna and Lauren go to Roa's Rapids while Josh and I get in line for Taumata Racer. The girls didn't want to go on this because it had a 90 degree drop at the end and it was a face first only ride. As we're waiting in line and going up the many stairs with our rafts, I tell Josh "this is not gonna be good." I was not excited about going face first straight down a slide. I told him about a water park I had been to in Illinois that had a slide just like it, but you went on your butt. Then I remember the bumpy bottom after you come down the slide at 100mph. I tell him, we're gonna be on our stomachs and that bumpy part is gonna be a ball buster. We get to the top and they have lights next to each slide. They're all red and then turn green at the same time so that everyone can race down the slide on their foam raft. Well, what we didn't know is that the sensors we're broken. So we hear a girl's voice call out "Ready......Set.......GO!" and some people went. Both Josh and I were like "NO!!!!" Then we figured out it was the life-guard calling it out and that the lights weren't changing. We felt kinda dumb. We get up on our slides and are anticipating the countdown. I feel the butterflies in my stomach for many reasons. I hear GO! and take off down the slide. What do ya know? Pitch black tunnel. I come out of the tunnel and have less than a split second to realize I'm about to go straight down. I get to the bottom immediately and start to see stars. Bam! Bam! Bam! Sure enough my ball busting theory was proven correct. I get up and feel like I'm gonna vomit. Look over at Josh and muster out "I...told....you." We tell the next group that takes our rafts "wear a cup." We meet up with the girls and tell them that it's definitely lazy river time for awhile. So we all get in Roa's Rapids and this thing is awesome. It's a water jet propelled lazy river. We all grabbed life vests, put them on, and took off. It was so fast. Fantastic ride for many reasons including no line to get in. Just go. We went round and round several times and let Josh and I regain consciousness. We get out and as we're walking around we ask what time the park closed. 6pm the girl told us. It was already 4:30 so we said we would just head out to beat traffic. As we were walking out Josh asked an employee if we returned our key for our locker would we get a deposit back? No. I don't get this. Another bad planning at this park. What is my incentive to give my locker key back then? Why should I walk all the way over there when I paid $8 for it. So we now have permanent locker keys to Aquatica. Another complaint we had was that platinum passes get you nothing special at this park which is very disappointing. Overall this was a great trip and we really enjoyed ourselves. The lack of planning that went into the park is compensated by the fun you will have and the near-death experiences.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Sand Blasted

I think it's time for stricter laws on trucks carrying any sort of gravel or rock or any other loose material. I'm expected to go out and stimulate the economy by buying a new car, but for what? So I can have the hood dented, my windshield scratched and cracked, and my paint just tore up by gravel bouncing out of the back of 18 wheelers? It's just absurd that its deemed ok for the trucks to spill out like that and then my insurance premium goes up when I turn all this damage in.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

This freaky house...continued

Last night I was completely freaked out in our house again. At about 8:45pm I was sitting playing Halo 2. Nathan was sitting right in front of me playing with his cars. Everything was pretty quiet and almost all the lights were off in the house. All of the sudden BOOM!. . . BOOM! The whole house shook and the windows rattled back and forth in unison with the booms. I didn't know what to think. The first thing that I could make my mind accept as logical is someone drove through two walls of our house. Amanda is in town so its reasonable :) So I called Cru and was like are you home? Are you slamming doors or something. He laughs at what I describe to him as one of the scariest things thats happened to me in awhile. I hang up with him and start lookin out the windows for like a tank our a wrecked semi or maybe those tripod things from War Of The Worlds. I see nothing. I think to myself theres no way I'm going out there to find out what it is. I didn't want to be "that guy" and run outside and be like "What the heck is going on out here?" And then have some horrible thing attack me and then I end up on Youtube or Around the Net on Attack of The Show. So I just kept going back and forth to the windows hoping to see something. Finally I calm down and sit on the couch with Nathan to watch some Family Feud. Cru calls as soon as I sit down. He's kinda laughing as he says to me "It was the shuttle." I'm like what? "The shuttle was re-entering the atomosphere." So all this freaking out was caused by the rarely occurring night shuttle landing. Crazy the things your mind can make you think when you don't understand something.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

American Holiday Catastrophe

This year, sort of as a late New Years Resolution, I am gonna spend less money on every holiday. It's not because of the declining market and it's not because I love the people in my life any less. It's because I'm tired of the commercialization of every single last holiday on the calendar. I'm still waiting for them to start marketing 4th of July gifts. It's comin' just you wait. I'm gonna focus more on the important days like anniversaries and birthdays. The rest of the holidays will probably be a card, if that. Sounds selfish, but I believe thats how retailers want us to feel, that we're being selfish if we don't spend a bunch of money on our loved ones. I'm goona bring back the good 'ol acts of love instead of gifts of love.

"That Guy"

One of my key goals in life is to not be "That Guy." The one that everyone hates or stares at or expects to do something. For example, that guy AND that girl are here in the auditorium for jurors today. Blabbity blab as loud as they can on their cell phone. I don't mind people on their cell phones. They have become a necessity in our day to day life. Hell I'm blogging from mine :) But don't involve the whole friggin' room in your conversation. Just because you're talking on your cell phone does not make you any more important than anyone else. We don't care that you went out last night and you're regretting it now that you're up so early. Either talk in a normal tone or hang up.

April Fools

This incridible holiday is fast approaching. Although most people don't even take a second thought about this day, I love it because it's not only one of the days that hasn't just been completely commercialized, but it's also a day to make at least yourself laugh, if not others. This year is gonna be a good one. I usually pick only one person to prank and in the past my ideas have been good but nothing to brag about. This year will be different. I can't put it up here on my blog for classification sake :) but I will definitely have it up on April 2.

Jury Duty

I shoulda brought a book. Today I am reporting for jury duty for the first time in my life. When I lived in Illinois, the way they chose jurors was by people registered to vote. Here in Florida I believe it is any one registered at the DMV. Im not 100% sure on that, but I'm registered to vote here anyways. I'm not complaining whatsoever. I'm just pointing out the fact that I've never experienced this so I didn't know to bring a book or something to do while I wait to be called in. Everything I've ever heard about jury duty was negative. I haven't gotten through the day, but I couldn't be happier to be here. Jury duty is exactly that, a duty as a citizen and I know I will feel that way at the end of all this. Proud. Next time I'll know to bring one of my many programming books I've been trying to get through. I definitely coulda got through one of my books that I never have time to read otherwise.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mother Nature Comes Through Again

Who would have thought that something natural could cure something these days? Last night Jenna had a horrible toothache so much so that she said she couldn't sleep and was crying laying in bed. She said she got online to look up home remedies for toothaches. After a quick search, she found that people have used limes. She went to the kitchen, cut up a lime and stuck it in her mouth. She said the pain was gone instantly. No pain whatsoever. She went right to bed and slept great. So if you're having tooth problems, pop a lime in your mouth and thank Mother Nature.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Neighborhood

I don't know what the hell is going on in my neighborhood lately but it's freaking me out. Last week after I had arrived home from work, Nathan and I are playing in the living room. When I start to hear a helicopter outside. Well, I thought nothing of it and continued to play. About 30 minutes go by and this thing is still hovering what sounds to be right over our house. I started feeling like Ray Liotta at the end of Goodfellas. I look out the back porch and sure enough there is a helicopter directly over my house shining a light into the field behind us. And I stand up to look out the window and there are a few cop cars driving around in the field shining spot lights out of their cars. I never found out what or who they were looking for. So, Saturday night we were having a party and everything was going fine and then Jenna and Tiffany come into the house and are whispering/screaming (that thing you do where you're trying to be quiet but as loud as you can be quiet), and saying "there are #%@%#^ people outside with sniper rifles!" "They were like GO! GO! GO! and then ran down the street." We're all like yeah whatever. So we all go out in the front yard like typical horror movie idiots and are lookin each way down the street. We hear THUMP! THUMP! THUMP!.....THUMP! THUMP!THUMP! Someone is pounding on a door several houses down. Everyones outside just watching and listening. We see red lasers flashin around in the yard and then back towards the house. We're all like "oh, #$#@ they weren't kidding." Eventually two cops come walking back down our street one dressed in typical cop uniform and the other dressed in all black with bulletproof everything carrying the biggest friggin gun ever (pictured above). It was an AR-15 with a laser sight and sniper scope. This guy was not here to arrest somebody. He was here to kill and with a gun like that he could have killed somebody inside the house from outside. It was crazy. We asked them what was going on and they just said "If you see a white Toyota pick-up truck with front end damage call 911 and tell them it has to do with the Temple Terrace incident." So ever since then I just look down at that house hoping that I see/don't see a white Toyota pick-up truck with front end damage. If I do see it will be exciting, but you also gotta wonder how dangerous is this person they are looking for if the standard 9mm won't cut it.

Friday, January 11, 2008

America The Unsocial Revisited

>With a recent visit to Pitas here in Tampa, I noticed that the soda fountain needs a total of four or more beverages on each side for the person at the fountain to feel comfortable with another person on the other side. The one at Pitas only has three per side and when I went to the fountain to get a drink from the other side the lady did the slouching shoulder/scrunch face combo to let me know that I was unwelcome at that fountain while she was there. However, everywhere else I've been that has had four or more was just fine. Sociology is fun.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Shoulda Known

Because of Bush, the nation has basically been forced to vote for president when they may not have voted otherwise. Although to me it's always been guess and check with what they say compared to what they do once they're in office. "I guess we'll go with this one he sounds like what I want to hear," "Op, we guessed wrong." So I decided to get involved with politics this year, at least on the topic of the President. Now that I'm reading up on each candidate for my party (Democratic), so that I may choose on January 29th for the Florida Primary, I find out that my vote will not count. The Democratic National Committee has a rule that no state except for a select few may hold their primary before February 5. Florida Legislature changed the date of the primary to January 29th. Well, DNC said that they will enforce the rule and Florida will lose half of its delegates and the other half cannot choose a candidate that has campaigned in Florida, eliminating Clinton, Obama, and Edwards. If you are a Democrat and live in Florida, you might as well just sit at home and watch this year's elections on TV. It's crap. Makeitcountflorida.com (which is a completely hilarious url now) says that turnout is crucial to influence other states on the Tsunami Tuesday Feb. 5. Here's a good way to influence other states...have 210 delegates that can actually have their vote counted. So, because we have a Republican majority state legislature and they found a loophole, I guess, the Democratic voters of Florida are screwed again. I should have known that moving to Florida as a Democrat would mean my vote would not count.