Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This - Not This

Friday morning I'm working from home. I'm sitting at my desk while Jenna, in her cold ridden-Nyquil doused state, is sleeping heavily in the bedroom. Well, Nathan is up and wandering around the house aimlessly. He keeps lookin' at me like "what can be so important on that computer that you can't play Rock Band 2 with me?". I hear him head off to the bedroom one more time to try and wake mom out of her medicinal coma and don't hear anything for a good 10 or 15 minutes. He comes back and holds his hand out to me. Well, every day when I take a shower, I grab a multivitamin out of the medicine cabinet and then go into the bedroom to get dressed. I usually set the vitamin down on the nightstand or our dresser while I put some clothes on. Since I have the short term memory of Tom Hanks in that old Saturday Night Live skit, I usually end up forgetting my vitamin until I see it later that night. The vitamin is what Nathan hands me. It's kind of slimy to the touch so I look at him for a disgusted look because I know I almost gag at the taste just from taking it with a glass of water. The half second it's on my tongue is enough to leave that fowl taste in my mouth for hours. He doesn't have a look. But it's wet, I'm sure he tried it. I ask him, "did you put this in your mouth?". He says, "there ya go daddy, not candy." I lost it! I said "very good Bubby, not candy." "Daddy's. Mehcine. Not candy." I couldn't believe how cute of a moment came out of one the parent's instinctual fears: kid getting into the medicine.


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Wow glad to hear that ended well.