Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Neighborhood

I don't know what the hell is going on in my neighborhood lately but it's freaking me out. Last week after I had arrived home from work, Nathan and I are playing in the living room. When I start to hear a helicopter outside. Well, I thought nothing of it and continued to play. About 30 minutes go by and this thing is still hovering what sounds to be right over our house. I started feeling like Ray Liotta at the end of Goodfellas. I look out the back porch and sure enough there is a helicopter directly over my house shining a light into the field behind us. And I stand up to look out the window and there are a few cop cars driving around in the field shining spot lights out of their cars. I never found out what or who they were looking for. So, Saturday night we were having a party and everything was going fine and then Jenna and Tiffany come into the house and are whispering/screaming (that thing you do where you're trying to be quiet but as loud as you can be quiet), and saying "there are #%@%#^ people outside with sniper rifles!" "They were like GO! GO! GO! and then ran down the street." We're all like yeah whatever. So we all go out in the front yard like typical horror movie idiots and are lookin each way down the street. We hear THUMP! THUMP! THUMP!.....THUMP! THUMP!THUMP! Someone is pounding on a door several houses down. Everyones outside just watching and listening. We see red lasers flashin around in the yard and then back towards the house. We're all like "oh, #$#@ they weren't kidding." Eventually two cops come walking back down our street one dressed in typical cop uniform and the other dressed in all black with bulletproof everything carrying the biggest friggin gun ever (pictured above). It was an AR-15 with a laser sight and sniper scope. This guy was not here to arrest somebody. He was here to kill and with a gun like that he could have killed somebody inside the house from outside. It was crazy. We asked them what was going on and they just said "If you see a white Toyota pick-up truck with front end damage call 911 and tell them it has to do with the Temple Terrace incident." So ever since then I just look down at that house hoping that I see/don't see a white Toyota pick-up truck with front end damage. If I do see it will be exciting, but you also gotta wonder how dangerous is this person they are looking for if the standard 9mm won't cut it.

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Amy Gleason said...

Nice...first Tony and his tanks and now you and the guns. I hope neither of you bring it to the office!