Thursday, January 10, 2008

Shoulda Known

Because of Bush, the nation has basically been forced to vote for president when they may not have voted otherwise. Although to me it's always been guess and check with what they say compared to what they do once they're in office. "I guess we'll go with this one he sounds like what I want to hear," "Op, we guessed wrong." So I decided to get involved with politics this year, at least on the topic of the President. Now that I'm reading up on each candidate for my party (Democratic), so that I may choose on January 29th for the Florida Primary, I find out that my vote will not count. The Democratic National Committee has a rule that no state except for a select few may hold their primary before February 5. Florida Legislature changed the date of the primary to January 29th. Well, DNC said that they will enforce the rule and Florida will lose half of its delegates and the other half cannot choose a candidate that has campaigned in Florida, eliminating Clinton, Obama, and Edwards. If you are a Democrat and live in Florida, you might as well just sit at home and watch this year's elections on TV. It's crap. (which is a completely hilarious url now) says that turnout is crucial to influence other states on the Tsunami Tuesday Feb. 5. Here's a good way to influence other states...have 210 delegates that can actually have their vote counted. So, because we have a Republican majority state legislature and they found a loophole, I guess, the Democratic voters of Florida are screwed again. I should have known that moving to Florida as a Democrat would mean my vote would not count.

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