Monday, May 11, 2009

The Broken English Language II

Another story that comes to mind here is one that Jenna told me. A co-worker of hers has a sister that works in the maternity part of a hospital. She went into a new mother's room to check up on her and her daughter. She checked the sheet and saw La-Ia. She asked the mother, "How do you pronounce it?" It sounded pretty to her either way. Lie ee ya or Lie ya. The mother responded, "The dash is not silent. It's La Dash Ia." Holy crap. Someone please pray for this kid when she gets to an English class. My mom has had the best response to this story so far. What if it's a hyphen? La Hyphen Ia.


Joshua Green said...

What if thier last name was 'com', and they used a 'dot' as the separator? Now thats Web 2.0!

Perno said...

What a HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE name. HORRIBLE!!!! I'm sorry LaDASHLa!!!