Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Firefighting Toddler

In our apartment we have to have the most sensitive fire alarms I've ever seen. Every time we turn on the stove, microwave soup for too long, or someone smokes on the back porch with the door open the fire alarms go off. As a quick resolution Jenna or I will usually take a kitchen towel and wave it over the alarm to get it to stop. Well, today the apartment complex is testing the fire alarms. They have a main panel right outside our door where the maintenance guys push a button and every fire alarm in the whole building goes off. Since they're checking each apartment individually, the alarms are going off a lot. I'm sitting here just letting my ears bleed over and over again. What does Nathan do? Goes to the kitchen, grabs a towel, and starts fanning the alarms. Man he cracks me up.