Wednesday, September 19, 2007


On Monday, I bought a 2008 Mazda 3 from Ferman Mazda on Hwy 60. I drove up there Monday night after work looking to get a VIN number to give to my bank so I could see how much I could pre-qualify for. Well, I found the icy blue 3 that I had built online the night before. It had almost all the options I added except it didn't have anti-lock brakes. I couldn't believe it. Isn't it the law yet that a car comes with anti-lock brakes? So, the saleslady and I went to the back of the lot where they had about 100 3's. We walked in and out of almost all of them trying to find the one that had all the options I wanted, and didn't have the ones I didn't want to pay for. I ended up test driving the icy blue one with a sport-tronic automatic. While I was driving it I kinda thought to myself that blue was a little too "cutesy" so when we got back we started looking for different colors. I ended up finding the black one with a manual, power-windows, power-locks, ANTI-LOCK BRAKES, and 16" rims. I loved it. We sat down and did all the paperwork which took forever but we finally came to an agreement and worked out a payment I wanted. After the paperwork ordeal I went out to start cleaning stuff out of my old Grand Am and moving it to the 3. Well, I had a Coca-Cola Zero can in the cup holder which the saleslady said "If you don't mind I'll throw that Coors can away for you." I was speechless. I just grabbed the can and held it up to her. She of course started apologizing right away. Maybe she thought I had the can because my driver's license said I was from Riverview. Who knows. But, she was a great salesperson and I absolutely love everything about my new car. A manual is a whole new world of driving. It's great! I also noticed while sitting at work that from the right angle.....the Coca-Cola can does kinda resemble a Coors can :)

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Amy Gleason said...

Sure Sure. You are just hiding the Coors in the dev lab in a Coke Zero can. I see how you are. :)