Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Video Game Binging

Well, the hype has come to judging time. Cru (I'm Good At This), Jessie (Twisted321), and I (Least Deaths) played non-stop from midnight Tuesday until 11p.m. Tuesday night. So since I was up from work on Monday, that puts me at right about 41 hours without sleep. We started off with a couple custom games to explore the new multiplayer maps. After a little bit of that we started 4 player online Co-Op with our friend Kyle. We blew through campaign on normal. It was just walking through the game and watching the story unfold. After that we all played online in multiplayer. The maps are gorgeous. The weapons look fantastic. The gameplay is very smooth. However, all the guns have been dumbed down to basically all the same strength. Bungie was so afraid of people owning online with one weapon that it seems like they took all the power out of every weapon. This HAS to be fixed. If Bungie does not come out with an update to bump some of the weapons power, I will probably stop playing online multiplayer which is like quitting smoking for Halo addicts. Except this isn't like I WANT to quit playing, this is like they took the nicotine out of cigarettes. It's like smoking for looks. Matchmaking is no fun. I couldn't believe it. So disappointed with the one thing that made Halo 2 what it was. I shed a tear for online matchmaking in Halo 3. After the multiplayer cussing and yelling and just pure frustration, Cru and Jessie and I moved on to beat campaign once again, this time on Legendary though. This was definitely not cake walk. It was easier than expected because we were playing 3 person co-op, but it was still hard. Lots and lots of dying and restarting. I will play solo next time on legendary and I'm sure I'll be brought to tears on how hard it is. We also found all of the gold skulls throughout campaign and 2 of the 4 silver skulls. Working on achievements became our priority so we worked on that. I believe I now have 770/1000 achievement points for Halo 3. Pretty good for day of release. Overall, it's an amazing game. If Bungie does not come out with an update for matchmaking, I'll have a better version of Halo 1: phenomenal campaign and decent multiplayer. If they do come out with an update, lord help my addiction.

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